International Trade

If you have never exported before, the world’s 95 percent potential customers are waiting for you.

Take your business beyond borders.

We can help your business discover exciting growth opportunities and new revenue streams through international trade with our expert trade consultants’ assistance throughout our network – at no cost to you.

We leverage extensive international business experience, cultural competency, and a strong network of relationships to enhance the global competitiveness of Northern California’s small businesses.

A few of our international trade advising areas include:

Product Quality & Market: We have experts who can help you to identify opportunities in international markets for your imported or exported products. This includes an industry analysis of your imported and exported products as well as critical product specifications in order to establish quality.

Negotiation: We can also counsel you in negotiations with suppliers, including how to develop templates and formats necessary to facilitate negotiation dialogue.

Agreements: Our experts can also help craft an outline based on your expectations, obligations, and other details necessary for international business agreements. With experience working with international markets, we can help you better understand different types of agreements and the potential risks within the legal frameworks of various countries. To further develop effective legal agreements, we also can suggest resources and legal references necessary to help develop effective legal agreements.

Compliance: Compliance with regulatory guidelines is an essential part of ensuring your business maintains its momentum and stays in business. We can work with you on various identification codes necessary to research import or export compliance data. We can help research regulatory taxes, duties, fees, and regulations related to your products or services. Additionally, we can refer you to experts who can provide operational and documentation compliance procedures to reduce, manage, and monitor potential compliance risks.

Finance: We can assist you with accessing and identifying sources of capital for sales purchases, international pricing, reduction of payment risk, and more.

Logistics: We can partner with you to develop cost-benefit analyses for international logistics costs for each key trade lane. An action plan is created to address risks and opportunities to reduce logistics costs and increase value and efficiency in your supply chain. We then recommend resource partners and to support your supply chain needs.