Before you turn the lights on in your new business, it’s important to know exactly how it will make money and continue doing so in both good and hard times.

Successful management allows you to be your own boss and realize financial goals you never thought were possible.

Truth be told – the road to successful business management is usually a long, winding, and bumpy one. Managing a startup or an established business takes careful planning, implementation, and determination. If you’re ready to learn how to manage a business, start by connecting with the SBDC. As former and current business owners, we have seen it all and know what it is like to walk in the shoes of today’s small business owners.

We’ll help your business prepare for a resilient future by guiding you through the ins-and-outs of successfully managing your business in both good and hard times.

A few of our business management advising areas include:

Business & Financial Planning: We’ll help you understand your market position, discover a lead-generation strategy, and understand the dollars and cents of your new venture so you can plan your income and prepare to raise needed capital.

Talent: Striking the right balance for staffing your business with the people you need to serve your customers without overstaffing with employees you don’t need is tricky at any stage of business. It’s sometimes the hardest at the start. We will work with you to help you find the right balance to meet your goals.

Operations: Whether your business provides goods or services or both, you must fully understand everything necessary to produce the end product. Our experts can help you understand your production process and make changes and adjustments necessary to improve efficiency and profit margins and avoid a potential cash flow drought.